Welcome to the Course on Managing Imposter Syndrome & Leading With Greater Confidence!

In this course, you’ll learn what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from, and how to overcome it, all while building healthy self-confidence.

When you start to consistently apply what you learn in this course, you’ll…

  • Be able to handle challenges and not feel crippled by them
  • See setbacks and negative feedback as learning opportunities
  • Jump on new opportunities because you are confident in your abilities to figure it out no matter what it takes
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and feel lesser than
  • Enjoy your interactions more because you don’t worry what others think
  • You’ll show up, stand up, and will speak up for yourself
  • You’ll be energized to pursue big goals and will stick with them even when it gets tough

Sounds good, right?! So, let’s dive in!

0 - Introduction
1- What Is Imposter Syndrome and Where Does It Come from?
2 - What Self-Esteem Has to Do With It
3 - What Fear Has to Do With It
4 -The 3 Shifts to Develop Self-Esteem and Overcome Imposter Syndrome
5 - The Inner Work
6 - The Outer Work
7 - What's Next?
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