Managers in fast-growing organizations share with me the 3 main challenges they face:

These issues cause unnecessary stress and frustrations for the manager and the employees and have a negative impact on the performance of the team.

Tragically, studies show that 60% of otherwise high-performing employees fail or underperform as managers. Meanwhile, there is a substantial cost to organizations that lose talent and productivity.

But there is a different way.

When managers work with me, they report:

Most importantly, the managers experience higher visibility in the organization and increased exposure to strategic work. Their organizations benefit significantly, too, with a stronger talent pool, greater employee engagement, and the ability to grow leaders from within.

Managers come to me for proven solutions and tools designed specifically for the challenges they face. In addition to expertise in leadership and executive coaching, I am also a former VP of a global private equity firm. As such, I have experienced, and overcome, the exact issues and pain of the clients I serve.

We both know that leaders are made, not born and leadership is a skill to be learned – not by just reading books, but through deliberate practice consisting of feedback, coaching, and specific tools.

If you are a manager seeking to improve your leadership skills, increase your influence, or boost your team’s performance then I’d love to meet you.

What’s Next?

1) Apply

My coaching is not for everyone. It requires more than just money. My coaching requires courage and commitment. In fact, I ask you to apply to ensure that you’re the right fit for me, and more importantly, that I’m the right fit for you.

2) Phone Call

After you apply, and it looks like we could be a great match, we’ll schedule a call. I will ask you questions to understand you better and we’ll talk about your current role as well as your goals and dreams.

We’ll talk about how you’ll get there and what needs to change. Plus, we’ll get clear on your commitment to investing in yourself, to taking action, and to being coached to get to where you want to be faster and with greater ease.

3) Growth Begins

With best practices, guides, coaching sessions and accountability, along with your refined mindset, extraordinary results are inevitable.

When you’re ready to bring out your full leadership potential, then let’s talk.

Meanwhile, you might enjoy watching my Free Masterclass on “How To Become A Boss People Love To Work For”.

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