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How Does Leadership Coaching Make a Difference?

Over 60% of new managers fail within the first 2 years. And equally important, 75% of employees who quit their jobs, quit because of their manager. *

Yet, there is often little attention given to the critical time when new managers form and build their leadership skills and learn to deal with an entirely different set of responsibilities and challenges.

This is where I can help.

If you’re a new manager or simply feeling challenged in your leadership role, I can help you overcome the common mistakes of new managers, reduce stress, increase productivity to gain hours back in your day and, most importantly, access your fullest leadership potential.

With your commitment and my guidance, we will walk through 3 essential phases to clarify, optimize, and accelerate your leadership capabilities. Together, we will:

  • Create awareness of your current values, strengths, habits, and behaviors
  • Define and plan the goals, initiatives, and projects that get you to your next level of performance
  • Strengthen your mindset and confidence to make sure you are ready to handle unavoidable challenges
  • Build and practice new and powerful productivity habits to improved physical and mental performance and happiness
  • Strengthen your communication skills to more effectively resolve conflict, give candid feedback, engage team members and influence stakeholders
  • Create significant improvements in your leadership ability by adopting the key habits and skills of successful leadership

Leaders are made, not born and leadership is a skill to be learned – not by attending classes, but through deliberate practice consisting of feedback, coaching, and specific tools.

How does it work?

I combine assessments, explorative conversations, result-oriented action plans, and leadership training to achieve the best possible outcomes for you as my client.

What’s Next?

This and more is ready for you to take, use and thrive with. But my coaching is not for everyone. It requires more than just money. My coaching requires courage and serious commitment.

What you can expect from me is complete alignment with your success. I will go above and beyond to support you on your journey to reach your fullest leadership potential.

When you’re ready to achieve your fullest leadership potential, then let’s talk. Click the button below to contact me. We’ll schedule a call to find out if we are a good match and if both think so, then we decide on the best way I can serve you and start our engagement.


*According to research by CEB and Gallup, respectively.