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I help managers become leaders people love to work for!

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Hi, I’m Ramona.

I’m on a mission to create workplaces in which people thrive, have an impact, and feel rewarded. To do so, I help leaders develop greater competence and confidence to effectively lead with care and strength.

My clients have a bias for action, a track record of success, and are committed to making a positive impact in this world.

If you have ambition and want to become an effective and inspiring leader, then let’s connect today!

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The Manager Track podcast

The Manager Track Podcast

Each week, I share thought-provoking new perspectives and practical tips you can use right away to build confidence, strengthen your leadership skills, and accelerate your career as manager.


The Confident & Competent
New Manager

Leading people for the first time and in need of an actionable and dependable guide? This book on leadership for managers is for you!

Filled with actionable steps and easy-to-apply frameworks, The Confident & Competent New Manager offers a no-nonsense, eye-opening roadmap that enables you to rapidly rise to success in your first leadership role.

New Manager book

The Challenge

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87% of managers agree they wish they had received more training when they first took on the role. (Grovo)

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60% of new managers failed or underperformed during their first two years on the job. (Gartner)

What’s Possible?

I love what I do! My passion for this work comes from my own past experiences as a first-time manager. Unlike many other coaches, I’ve actually been there and lived through the ups & downs of management and leadership.

I’ve now devoted my career to develop a new generation of confident, courageous, and compassionate leaders who create workplaces people love to be a part of.

With my leadership program, I can help you avoid the landmines of management and, in turn, develop strong leadership skills so you can become the boss people love to work for.

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80% of people who receive coaching see an increase in self-confidence. (ICF)

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80% of people who had a Leadership Coach benefitted from it and would repeat the process again. (ICF)

Leadership Coaching Programs

I’ll help you become a confident & competent leader who garners respect, rewards, and results. Join one of our effective programs or work with me directly as your leadership coach to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Workshops & Team Building

Book a session to help your own team or the leaders in your organization develop greater leadership skills, more effective communication patterns, or to develop a greater sense of connection and mutual appreciation within the team.

Tess Posner

Ramona is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is supportive, insightful and super knowledgeable about best practices in the management and leadership space. Her style is also strengths-based and goal-oriented and I was able to make a ton of progress in our time together.”

Tess Posner, CEO

“Ramona and her Leadership Accelerator program have been a huge help in developing more effective leadership habits and in discovering a career path that I feel passionate about and is effective with my personal leadership style. With that, I’m now able to feel more confident, develop better relationships and overall be more successful in my role as a manager. She is incredibly resourceful and her arsenal of tools and frameworks will help me for years or even decades to come. I highly recommend Ramona and her programs to anyone who is eager to learn and grow as a leader.”

Diane Perez, Global Ethics & Compliance Manager

Diane Perez
Mark Langlie

Ramona is an excellent leadership coach. With her guidance, I’ve been able to improve my effectiveness as a leader in many different ways. Her frameworks, questions and suggestions have been incredibly beneficial to me and have had a direct impact in the way I lead my team and work with my stakeholders. Plus, the insights gained from the 360 assessments were invaluable. I was able to uncover some of my blindspots through this process which helped me better understand how I’m being perceived by others and what I can do to be more intentional about it. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills.”

Mark Langlie, Director of Talent Acquisition

“Ramona was an invaluable leadership coach to me during a time of transition. With her guidance, I managed many different challenges with greater ease. She was truly invested in my success as a manager and went above and beyond to support my growth (this included replying to my emails during off-hours when I was in an urgent situation). I wish I had met & worked with Ramona before first moving into a people-manager role, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn the ropes of leadership.”

David Spiegel, Data Scientist

David Spiegel

To become great, all you need to do is to become better today than you were yesterday.

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