Leadership coaching can open the floodgates of power and creativity with tremendous benefits. It might mean the difference between stagnation and explosive growth for managers and leaders.


If you are looking to have a significant impact in your market with leaders who are skilled strategists and excellent communicators, then I invite you to explore if leadership coaching will give your organization that winning edge.

Leadership Kickstarter

  • Kickstart your career as a leader with this short, yet intense coaching and training program.

Leadership Accelerator

  • Accelerate your leadership skills and performance habits with an intensive and powerful coaching and training program.

Leadership Academy

  • Become a powerful leader and high performer with this personal, hands-on coaching and training program.

The training components address the following leadership skills and performance habits:

  • Growing into the new identity of a leader
  • Defining a unique leadership identity
  • Setting leadership goals
  • High-performance habits (including physiology and psychology)
  • Increasing success probability
  • Clarifying the vision
  • Monthly, weekly, daily planning
  • Being intentional
  • Increasing productivity
  • Staying focused
  • Understanding motivation
  • Influencing and persuading people
  • Understanding what drives people
  • Preparing for criticism
  • Celebrating success
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Managing conflict
  • Giving feedback
  • Understanding assumptions and interpretations
  • Managing fears