Last week, I was able to host an amazing Meetup for mompreneurs where we discussed how each of us can define success on our own terms. The conversations were powerful and so inspirational.

But of all the great insights shared, there was one wise woman who made a comment that really stuck with me. Her name is Vivienne and she has 2 kids in their twenties. When she reflected back on the time in her life when she juggled family, household and business all at the same time, she said that she wished she knew that the question to “HOW TO DO IT ALL?” is actually very simple.


Well, I was.. 🙂

She said that before doing anything else, we have to define what “IT ALL” actually means. When we decide how involved we want to be in our kids’ school, how late we are willing to take meetings, how often we want to work during the weekends, how many soccer games and after-school activities we want to attend, then, and only then, can IT ALL be achieved.

Wow. This hit home with me.

If I choose and agree with my husband and my kids which activities to go to, when to do homework together, when to have dedicated and uninterrupted playtime and so on and we are all in agreement (and yes, that means kids have a say :-)) then the IT ALL as per our family’s definition becomes possible.

As a woman who grew up in an entrepreneurial family, I know how immensely valuable it was for me to see my parents work, stay committed through challenges, be excited for wins and create a business they love. I want to share these same lessons with my kids.

So what’s the investment? It’s to take the time in advance to make a plan, to discuss the plan with the family, to explain it, and to agree on it so that everyone knows the reasons behind choices. By explaining why mommy is not at every soccer practice or volunteering as much at school as other moms and getting everyone’s buy-in, we get to empower our kids, our partners and ourselves to live our dreams without any guilt.

Are you in this with me? Or what’s your take on having IT ALL?

Are you ready to list down all the things you could be doing, to then carefully decide what you should be doing to make the most out of your time? Ask your kids and/or your partner or important people in your life what’s most valuable to them and what’s not important to them.

Come up with a plan and talk about it. Not just once but over and over so everyone feels involved and empowered on day’s plan or week’s plan.